What We Do

Founded as a blog in 2009, today Ivy Munro serves as a gateway between London & Lagos' Arts & Culture scenes and we’re proud contributors to the cultural exchange happening between these two creative cities.

We produce city-to-city digital content & programming via our email-marketing channel, our live event experiences, and our original branded info products. In addition, we provide coaching & consulting services to external brands & individuals looking to enhance consumer engagement and grow their digital presence. 

About Our Founder

Tayo, our Founder, is a natural connector of people and with the aim of fostering a meaningful exchange between her London & Lagos communities, she taps into her own dual cultural identity (British & Nigerian), using it as a touch point when crafting content which speaks directly to both audiences, ensuring our messaging is authentic, relevant, and anchored in our shared values. 

Interesting Fact: Tayo named the business after her Nan, Mrs Ivy Munro who sadly passed away in 2004. She thought it would be a great way to keep her name alive.

Brand Values

The foundational values of the IvyMunro brand are: Faith in God, Integrity, Authenticity and Cultural Relevance.