IvyMunro is a proud cultural ambassador, showcasing the best in London & Lagos’ Arts, Culture & Entertainment scenes. ‘The Ivy League’ is our email-marketing channel through which we connect our subscriber community to our weekly curation of city-to-city content. Our opinions are well respected and our recommendations, trusted.



The Ivy League speaks directly to our primary London & Lagos communities who are plugged into Black British and West African Pop Culture. They fall into the early Millennial/Xennial cusp generations and lean towards more discerning pastimes (e.g. street style exhibitions, live music festivals, TedX talks,  brunch parties and the like). Our Community is well-travelledsocially culturally aware, politically savvy and they make conscious spending decisions.

There are 3 potential pathways you can take to align your brand with ours, and speak directly to our audiences:

1. Native Ads
2. Sponsored Content
3. A Brand Partnership

Native Ads

Each addition of 'The Ivy League' has a Native Ad allocation of:

  • x1 Email Title/Header Ad - Full Width

  • x1 Landscape Ad - Full Width

  • x1 Square Ad

  • x1 Rectangle Ad

All Native Ads are clearly marked however, to promote overall design cohesion, your Ad placement will mirror the look & feel of the organic content which it appears beside.

Gifs, externally hosted videos from reputable streaming sites are also accepted..

Our emails are optimised across all mobile platforms & desktop. Certain email providers including Yahoo, display content in columns (as shown above), other providers including Gmail, display in content in stacked view. 


Sometimes an Ad placement just won't suffice, especially in instances where more context is required, hence why we offer tailored sponsored content solutions which enable you to tell your story and place your message in the midst of conversations already taking place, in a very real and authentic manner. 

This option allows for more bespoke content solutions of which there are a multitude of options, including (but not limited to) a listical feature, an Ivy League takeover, an opinion-piece, a reader offer, or perhaps you have ready-to-go content which has already been crafted. In all cases we'll work with you to understand your key objectives, agree on concept & messaging, and finally establish content crafting deliverables.


This option sees working in collaboration with two or more brands with similar values and marketing objectives, with the aim of engaging our target audiences.

We’ve included some examples of brand partnerships below:

  • EVENT PARTNERSHIP: IvyMunro & Paul Carrick Brunson teamed up to produce an event which served as Brunson's introduction to the UK, and put IvyMunro on London's pop-culture events map.

Below are 3 more types of partnerships executed by other brands.

  • A SERVICE PARTNERSHIP: Spotify & Uber teamed up to enable Spotify users to curate playlists to listen to during their Uber journeys.

  • A PRODUCT PARTNERSHIP: Solonge & Ikea have teamed up to design and create a homeware range together.

  • A MIXED PARTNERSHIP: Majestic Wines & The Guardian (UK) teamed up to teach people how to pair wine with food during Christmas. The collaboration included an editorial spread in The Observer Food Monthly, which paired wine to its featured recipes; exclusive videos featuring celebrity chefs on The Guardian website; downloadable wine guides on the Majestic website, and wine tasting events with The Guardian in Majestic stores.

PLEASE NOTE: We only accept Ads that we believe would be of interest to our subscriber community, OR where we know a genuine interest already exists among subscribers.
All advertising options are subject to our approval. retains the right to refuse any submissions which fail to meet our values & standards. Should this be the case, a full refund will be issued. We do not process refunds for any other reason.